The Top Online Backlink Checker Tools

With how often things change in regards to what form of link building works this month, one thing always remains the same: Other people are going to be ranking. What better way to see what you need to be doing that to copy the backlinks of your competitors, right? Right. To do that, you need to be able to check your competitors’ links, and in this article, we aim to address which we believe to be the Top Online Backlink Checker Tools.

Why do I need a tool to check for backlinks?

You don’t, but it’s definitely going to be a huge help. If you want any kind of control over your own backlinks, you’re going to want to see not only who and what is linking back to you, but what other people in your niche are doing to attain their rankings. What use is it sitting on page 5 when you could steal your competitors’ links without them knowing, jumping right ahead to page 1? If this doesn’t interest you, and you would much rather just purchase low quality links from link sellers on webmaster forums, then go right ahead. In a few months, when you’ve gotten nowhere and come back here, you can put this into action. We’ll still be here, as will this article, to help you along the way when you’re ready for it.

Backlinks are a key part of increasing both our Domain Authority and Page authority – 2 metrics that people deem to be important ways of identifying quality websites.

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Continue on to see our list of the Top Online Backlink Checker Tools.

Open Link Profiler

Open Link Profiler

Probably the least effective tool on the list, but by no means a bad choice to use, is Open Link Profiler. One thing that helps set OLP apart from the others is that it lets you check backlinks for an unlimited amount of domains – posing no restrictions on how many domains you do look ups on per day.

Open Site Explorer

Open Site Explorer

Next up we have Open Site Explorer. One of the older backlink checker tools out there, OSE is primarily used to gauge a websites Domain Authority and Page Authority now that Google has all but discontinued Page Rank. Now just used for PA and DA though, OSE is a fantastic backlink checking tool, if not a little wanting in regards to the free version. If you want the full experience, you need to buy the paid version.

Now the best tool is often heavily debated. Some people believe SEMRush to be the better tool, while others agree Ahrefs is. I am of the latter opinion, therefore the next tool is none other than…



Available in both free and paid iterations, SEMRush is a tool that a lot of people use. Not only has it been around for many years but it also has one of the largest sets of features you’ll find anywhere online. SEMRush has one of the largest databases of websites’ backlinks available, updating their database daily. They also provide the option of comparin domains up against one another, making it easier for you to determine exactly where your websites’ flaws are as opposed to your competitors. We recommend SEMRush if you really want some bang for your buck.

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Lastly, and most importantly, the one I use personally:



Maybe not the most visually appealing of the lot, Ahrefs has undergone many changes in the last year and is by far the backlink checker tool I use the most. It not only has every feature I want, but (in my opinion) has the largest selection of live backlinks you’ll find. While Ahrefs is has the option to use for free, it is a lot stronger when you have a paid account with them, as they offer quite a bit more information (free users are limited). Not only that, but Ahrefs also offers you the option of exporting URLs capable of uploading to Google to Disavow, and offers keyword percentage breakdown.

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With that being said, the Top Online Backlink Checker Tool is Ahrefs. We use it a lot personally, and although expensive, it is worth every cent.

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