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Social Bookmarks

Let’s kick start this off with a quick note: This is not a “Top Social Bookmarking Websites” list. This list includes only high quality social bookmarks. One of the best traffic generation methods I’ve found are social bookmarks. Not the typical trashy ones that every webmaster spams half to death, but the good ones. The high traffic, high authority sites. Ones that you would gladly link out to without fear of being labeled as a spam site yourself. Websites like Reddit.

If you weren’t already using websites like Twitter and Facebook, then you’re a step behind. Establishing yourself as a brand is one of the most important parts of ranking easy and well: Twitter and Facebook, along with Google+, (and a LinkedIn profile if you feel you want to,) are vital for establishing your brand, and connecting with users outside of the comment section. Combined with the fact that growing your social following is essential for your websites overall traffic – there should be no reason you don’t already have accounts slowly being grown.

With the exception of the few large, most well known social bookmarking websites listed above, here are a few more I personally recommend having.

Those 6 social bookmarking websites listed above are 6 that you should be making certain to submit each of your URLs to when writing a new blog post.


However, please take the time to note that if you simply submit only your own blog posts, your account will become spammy and will likely either end up a low quality link farm, or banned. To get around this, make sure to treat your social bookmarking accounts and your social networking accounts like they were extensions to your website, because they are. The goal in creating real looking accounts that are high quality and will actually benefit you in the long run is diversity: Do not use only your own website. Find 3, 5, 10 different SEO blogs (or blogs/websites/forums) related to the niche you’re in, and start bookmarking their pages. A few sites at a time, and never more than a single page per website per day. Diigo2

Build your accounts up with real bookmarks, with real thought and attention, real descriptions, tags, etc., and you’ll end up having much more powerful social bookmarking accounts to shoot at your articles whenever you post them. Not only that, but as you continue building the accounts up, you’ll gain followers that follow each bookmark you make, resulting in additional traffic, ending up with return visitors, new visitors following your bookmarks, and real links pointed at each article.


Yes, you’ll also be giving other websites links as well, so make certain they’re not direct competitors (unless you don’t care, it’s purely up to you) lest you strengthen them and make them more difficult to pass.

Social bookmarking isn’t dead, nor is it a strong method of backlinking and ranking websites for long term growth. You should never spam social bookmarks on a website you want to rank in the long run as you’ll eventually suffer for it. Use the social bookmarks above to establish a strong social bookmarking network, then if you feel the absolute need to grow out further (which I’d urge against doing,) here are some other, less powerful but still effective social bookmarking websites you can use (with lesser effects):



Metafilter (has a payment gateway)


Going any further would devolve into trash social bookmarking websites, so we’re going to cut it short there. In the future, we may compile a list of the top social bookmarking websites, however until then, this is the list you should be focusing on. Tier 1 social bookmarks were listed first. Tier 2 social bookmarks (only to be used if you absolutely have to) listed second.

To achieve any form of decent ranking with your website/blog, social bookmarking should be an integral part of your link building strategy. Combined with some great quality Web 2.0, frequent posting on niche relevant forums, blog comments, blog posts, guest posts, social networking.. you should really be doing it all. Do not expect social bookmarks alone to provide much of a dent in the SERPs. Instead, consider it a way of driving targeted traffic to your website along with providing small links that will provide a boost to their individual rankings over time, as your website/blog grows and more links are made to your articles.

So, in summary: Create high quality social bookmarks. Make sure to keep them real. Post multiple articles on them every other day from different websites. Make sure you use unique descriptions and tags that sum up/relate to the article. Stay away from “top social bookmarking websites” kind of lists. They won’t help. Sticking to the list above is key in the growth of your website.


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