What Web 2.0 Work Best for Ranking in 2016?

What Web 2.0 Work Best for Ranking?

Have you ever wondered (oh I’m sure you have!) what Web 2.0 work best for ranking (either as buffer sites to point your spam links at, or real, powerful backlinks that you treat as well as your main site)? There are so many lists available online that have 50, 100, 200+ Web 2.0 for you to navigate, but they never go into detail regarding which you should be using, nor how many you should be investing your time into building.


They’re just there to get the visitors to their blog to try and monetize. I don’t plan on posting (at least yet, haha) a list of every single Web 2.0 out there. What I plan on going over in this article are the best Web 2.0 you should be using.

I personally believe that a real looking, strong backlink profile is one that consists of many, many link types. Therefore I believe that using Web 2.0 sparingly is a key part of maintaining that realistic looking link profile. There are plenty of people that use WordPress, Weebly, etc., that would more than willingly link out to websites they’re interested in, regardless of niche, so why not take advantage of that and build your Web 2.0 like any regular person would have theirs?

The kind of Web 2.0 you need to be building are ones that would easily pass a manual review from Google, the Web 2.0 moderators, or even real looking people that want to replicate your link profile. This means you’re going to need to take time and effort to make it look real. Your posts don’t all need to be 500-2,000 word articles posted once per week. You need some 100 word posts, 500 word posts, 2,000 word posts. You need graphics, videos. You need to post as if it were a hobby site that you were doing for fun, and then you need to post as if it were your main site that you were trying to rank. Not everything needs to be S-Tier, researched, $100 content. You can go ahead with that if you’re so inclined, however, based off of experience, I’ve seen results keeping things realistic.

With that out of the way, let’s get into some of the websites that people are inevitably here for.

Above you’ll find what I believe to be the 11 best Web 2.0 available. There are literally hundreds of Web 2.0 you can use, but these 11 should be what the foundation of your Web 2.0 profile consists of, especially if you’re still concerned with what Web 2.0 work best for ranking before 2017 hits.

We could have compiled a list of “The top 50 Web 2.0” or “200 Web 2.0 List” but instead we opted to show you a better way: Focusing on less is more. Smaller quantity, higher quality.

Combine the 11 Web 2.0 above with our Social Bookmarks and they’ll become even stronger!

If you’d like a list of all the other Web 2.0 we don’t use but you’d like to spam for backlinks anyway, let us know in the comments and we’ll compile a list.


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