Easy Ways of Getting Targeted Adult Traffic

One of the most common questions I see online: “How do I get traffic to my adult website?” which leaves me thinking – “How can’t you?!” Regardless of whether I believe it is difficult or not generating traffic for your adult site, I’m here to offer some good ‘ol methods to get that traffic flowing in. Below you’ll find a list I’ve written up compiling easy ways of getting targeted adult traffic.

  • Social Media

Social Media is one of the fastest ways of gaining targeted adult traffic. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Reddit, Pinterest.

Adult Traffic Through Social Media

That is just one of the adult websites I run. It is currently 2 months old. The Imgur traffic is from Reddit, which is why it was included in the social media area of this guide. In the future, we’ll detail exactly how to get traffic from each of those websites, but for now, this will do.

  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

This is the tricky one. See, getting traffic from search engines is a pain in the ass, especially for adult websites where finding the right place to drop a link to something like “anallover.com” will be easily noticed and removed. The goal is to get links on as many different websites as possible, while (somehow) keeping them niche relevant. At least, that’s what your typical SEO guru says. While relevant backlinks are always preferred, would you really pass up a link from CNN, BuzzFeed, Forbes, etc., if you had an adult website? I don’t think so. Using that logic, why would you pass up the opportunity to land a good link that you can keep long term? What, you think people on non-adult websites never post about, or link to an adult website? haha, right.

Adult Traffic Through SEO

See that? 11,000 searches. On a 2 month old website. In the adult niche.

Using THIS METHOD only, and not worrying about “niche-relevant backlinks”. Sure, I got about 15% of my links from adult websites, but the other 85% are all in the news, gaming, entertainment, music niches. It works. It works if you do it correctly. I’m not talking about spam here. I’m not talking about just dropping your link in a blog comment, or in a forum post. I’m talking about quality profiles created and quality comments written out.

Here is another example of a 2 week old website, with completely new social media accounts made for it, and a completely clean link profile. It is of a different fetish however, and I’m not hitting it very hard until at least a month has passed and the profiles are built up a little more.


  • Buying Links

I would actually, personally advise against purchasing links on other websites as Google not only catches on pretty fast and could likely penalize you, but if they’re selling links, it normally means they’re of a certain quality. A shitty quality. Like, garbage links that I wouldn’t even think twice about using. Absolute trash. You can buy 20 of them, 50 of them, and it costs you what, like $1 per link? haha. Unless you’re purchasing a guest post on an adult website, then I’d tend to stick away from this.

  • Link Exchange / Affiliates

Now this however, is a much better strategy. You can get some fantastic targeted traffic to your website through link exchanges with other adult websites. You link to them, they link to you. You’s send each other traffic, and both of you profit. This can be through a normal text link, a banner image. Whatever you can think of.

Adult Traffic Through Link Exchange

All adult websites. All sending me unique, targeted traffic. Once again, pay attention to the quality of website, and the traffic (some people tend to bot their traffic like asshats). Do not do a link exchange with a website penalized by Google, and definitely do not do a link exchange with someone that has an exorbitant amount of outbound links.

  • Traffic Trade

While I don’t do this personally, I do believe that is quite common amongst adult webmasters to provide and engage in traffic trades. You send traffic to them, they in return send traffic back to you.

Once again, as pointed out above, it is pivotal that you keep track of the quality of the traffic, as you don’t want to be sending out real traffic while getting bot traffic in return.

  • Pin Websites

Another popular way of generating traffic is by using Pin sites such as Pinterest, Sex.com, Flipboard etc.

Adult Traffic Through Pin Sites

Although you initially need to spend time building the profiles up, (similarly to social media accounts), they are more than capable of generating a significant amount of targeted traffic even though some of the larger ones aren’t “adult” oriented. I have accounts on all of the above, and personally, find Pinterest gives me the most bang for my buck, with Flipboard coming up second, and Sex.com giving a small, but still decent amount of traffic.

  • Forum Posting

You could always go the old school route if you wanted to: Sign up to forums and post your (pics, vids, articles, whatever) and hope to God you don’t get banned haha. Not only can posting on forums (and even blogs for that matter) bring in some (low) targeted traffic, they’ll also count towards ranking your site using SEO!

  • Paid Advertising

Paid advertising is one of the best, albeit expensive, ways of generating targeted adult traffic. Purchasing ad space from advertisement providers like JuicyAds or ExoClick, purchasing popup/popunder/tabunder/whatever else they’re called nowadays from websites like PopAds or DirectRev, or direct purchasing banner space from website owners themselves.

  • Tube websites

Finally, and what is probably the oldest method available: Tube sites. XVideos, PornHub, you know: Those sites you hide from your mother, girlfriend, wife, children. Yup. Although heavily saturated due to the sheer amount of people uploading watermarked videos every second of every day, it is still possible to drive targeted adult traffic from tube sites to your adult website by uploading high quality watermarked videos with your website name in the title.

These are some of the ways I have been using personally to slowly build up an adult website that I can make a living off of. If you’ve ever found yourself wondering “are there any easy ways of getting targeted adult traffic?” – then this article should hopefully be of use.

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